Yusuf Eats – Baby Friendly Ingredients for Busy Moms

I’ve been experimenting with so many different types of food lately with Yusuf and it’s been such a joy to see him pick and choose what he likes (and what he doesn’t like too!). But before I start can I just say that “OMG!! I never knew there were so many baby-food options out there that tastes good and makes life so much easier for busy moms!!”

Was I so glad to come across some on my instagram. But ok. So how did it start?

I started cooking a lot more for Yusuf and realised that he loves rice! So remember we had first round of lockdown in March? When the first round of MCO was lifted, we travelled (for the very first time for Yusuf!!) to Langkawi and I wasn’t quite sure how to pack his food. I could pack for the first day ie cook a fresh batch and store in the hot thermos, but how do I cook a fresh batch of food for him on day 2 and day 3 and so on. Do I bring a rice cooker? And beras? and vegetables? and meat? Do I cook a lot and take the chance and bring it to Langkawi and keep for the few days in the fridge? I was worried. So the safest thing was….I bought and brought a lot of food pouches for him! They were the safest to me, at that point in time.

Came back and I started researching about baby food and came across this brand Fawwaz! It had instant baby porridge, which was in the perfect texture and all you needed to do was to add hot water. Not only that, there was also the easy-to-prep baby noodle and a whole range of baby-friendly-no-additive powder that just made my life a whole lot easier when travelling or am in a rush – chicken powder, cheese powder, beef, vegetable…you name it! So I contacted one of the agents @ an_babyfood!

and Amy was so helpful at explaining to me about the food and took me through the products they had.

Pic 1: Takes me just 5 minutes to boil this noodle and whilst I boil, I cook the gravy on the side
Pic 2: Made creamy mushroom noodle
Pic 3: Added the cheese powder into homemade pesto sauce for Yusuf’s pasta
Pic 4: Added anchovies (powder) into Yusuf’s porridge

Safe to say I’m in loveeee with the Fawwaz products! We now have their organic baby noodle, the berraz porridge, the range of powders and cereals and fruit snacks for when we need to prep Yusuf’s food on the go or when we’re travelling or even to add on into his cooking! So for moms out there, if you are looking at food that is easy to prepare and is also yummy at the same time, check it out! There are actually so many options out there for baby friendly ingredients and they’re all really hassle free. Will share more products that I just got for Yusuf too soon from other brands! 😍 

P/s: This is NOT a sponsored post if you think it is, I just genuinely love the products and wanted to share with all moms out there! Coz I know how handful caring for a baby is and you often need to chop chop when doing things apart from watching your baby ❤️

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