Yusuf Eats – Pesto Pasta

So here goes! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to document the food that I cook for Yusuf, so I shall start with…..home made Pesto Pasta recipe and step by step! Because Yusuf lovessss spinach and the best part was that it took me less than 10 minutes to cook this dish!

Honestly, I’ve never even done Pesto Pasta from scratch for myself. You lucky boy you, Yusuf! 😀

– shaped pasta
– a handful of basil
– a handful of baby spinach
– garlic
– olive oil + a bit of lemon juice
– grated cheese

– Step 1: The pasta. Boil pasta and keep water (“pasta water”)
– Step 2: The sauce. place alllllll other ingredients into a blender and blend it together with the pasta water (depends on how much you want to dilute it, so up to you to manage the water)
– Step 3: Add The Pasta to The Sauce
– Sprinkle some extra Fawwaz cheese powder and black pepper

READY!! And boy did Yusuf loveeee it, clean bowl in minutes!

**What is important to note is that when making food like this for Yusuf, I only use ingredients that I have tested Yusuf on. In this case I did not add in any nuts, as I have not tested him on those just yet (except for peanut butter). Also, Dr Iqbal always says that you should let him have new food during the day and not late at night, because should he have any allergic reaction then it’s also easy to call the Doctor and seek help.

So there we go! Will share more recipes sooooon! Happy tryingggggg 😀

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