Yusuf’s Birth Story

Painless, filled with a lot of happy energy kinda experience! ❤️

That’s exactly how I remembered it. Prior to Yusuf’s arrival I had gone through a few months of bleeding and eventually as we got closer to the EDD, my water had reduced and then infection came. Yup, one after another. So much so that a new scare was like “just another scare” for us. Everytime something happened we went straight on auto pilot – rush to the Doctor’s!

Because of all of these, we had a scheduled c-sect. Counting down days till I got to 36 weeks (at that time we were praying that we can even get to 36), and the day I successfully got to 36 weeks (Alhamdulillah!!) we booked an available date right away!

23rd December 2019

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