Yusuf’s First Car Seat and Infant Carrier 101 for Me!

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It’s been awhile since I wrote in here! Been so busy at work, but I think I need to make time to share about this, coz I believe very much in it and of course, coz I finally get to changeeeee Yusuf’s previous infant carrier to a new car seat – he has passed that weight threshold!

So, where do I begin? Firstly, how many of us truly use baby car seats? Yes it’s always a must-have item, gets into our list to get before baby arrives but it’s more than just having it – it’s about your baby’s safety. Just like how we adults get into the car and put on a seatbelt, the baby car seat acts like the seatbelt for babies. This is important to me and that is the biggest reason why we had gone to scout for one even before Yusuf arrived.

My story?

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It’s been a month since we introduced Yusuf to “Zero Screen Time”. On Day 25, we decided to test him with some screen time.

Scenario 1
We switched on Cocomelon, and he looked at it, probably a bit puzzled what was this on screen as he usually only “hears” it through google home that plays in the house. Within 5 minutes it’s like his long-lost-friend this JJ and friends on screen. He went straight for the screen, started dancing and doesn’t hear me anymore! I was literally like talking to the wall.

Scenario 2
We switched from Cocomelon to Dream Home Makeover (Hahaha! Mommy’s new favourite on Netflix at the moment). He immediately turned away from the screen. I called him and he came. I told him “Nak. Ball”. He went to get the ball and came to pass it to me.

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Our box of Offspring diapers and wet wipes arrived, and the first person to attack it excitedly was obviously Yusuf! You know what they say, “Buy your kids toys and they’ll still end up playing with the packaging/boxes in the end”.

He refused to get out of the box when I was unpacking it, so I promised him that I’ll add some windows that night – basically coz I’m worried that if he is playing on his own and I don’t realise in time that he has trapped himself in the box. At least with windows he can still breathe! 🙈 So le’ts go and make it, shall weeee?

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  • Yusuf now likes to sleep facing downwards. Also, MUST.HAVE.JOSEPH when he sleeps. Is the bunny’s name Joseph? Yes. We named the bunny. It’s basically Yusuf in English haha!
  • I will eat the food that I prepare for Yusuf first. The logic I have is that, if I don’t like it then highly likely it’s not nice for Yusuf either (but knowing him, he’d probably still eat it hahaha!). So then I’d modify it and make sure it taste nice TO ME first before I offer it to him
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Yusuf Eats – Pesto Pasta

So here goes! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to document the food that I cook for Yusuf, so I shall start with…..home made Pesto Pasta recipe and step by step! Because Yusuf lovessss spinach and the best part was that it took me less than 10 minutes to cook this dish!

Honestly, I’ve never even done Pesto Pasta from scratch for myself. You lucky boy you, Yusuf! 😀

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Yusuf Eats – Baby Friendly Ingredients for Busy Moms

I’ve been experimenting with so many different types of food lately with Yusuf and it’s been such a joy to see him pick and choose what he likes (and what he doesn’t like too!). But before I start can I just say that “OMG!! I never knew there were so many baby-food options out there that tastes good and makes life so much easier for busy moms!!”

Was I so glad to come across some on my instagram. But ok. So how did it start?

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