It’s been a month since we introduced Yusuf to “Zero Screen Time”. On Day 25, we decided to test him with some screen time.

Scenario 1
We switched on Cocomelon, and he looked at it, probably a bit puzzled what was this on screen as he usually only “hears” it through google home that plays in the house. Within 5 minutes it’s like his long-lost-friend this JJ and friends on screen. He went straight for the screen, started dancing and doesn’t hear me anymore! I was literally like talking to the wall.

Scenario 2
We switched from Cocomelon to Dream Home Makeover (Hahaha! Mommy’s new favourite on Netflix at the moment). He immediately turned away from the screen. I called him and he came. I told him “Nak. Ball”. He went to get the ball and came to pass it to me.

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  • Yusuf now likes to sleep facing downwards. Also, MUST.HAVE.JOSEPH when he sleeps. Is the bunny’s name Joseph? Yes. We named the bunny. It’s basically Yusuf in English haha!
  • I will eat the food that I prepare for Yusuf first. The logic I have is that, if I don’t like it then highly likely it’s not nice for Yusuf either (but knowing him, he’d probably still eat it hahaha!). So then I’d modify it and make sure it taste nice TO ME first before I offer it to him
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First Milestones – Walking

I remembered during the first MCO back in March, Yusuf had turned himself over then, and when we had his check up at the Paed’s, his Doctor said that soon he’d be commando crawling to which I replied “Ohhh, like Captain Ri?” 😛

Dr I: “He’ll be commando crawling, and then crawling, sitting up and pulling himself up and usually babies will start walking between 12-18 months.”

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Fun Facts #1

  • Yusuf hated the cold the day we came back from the hospital. So for a good 2 months it’s always a battle between the on and off button on the aircond controller coz Aiman and I would be drenched in sweat so we will switch it on, before Yusuf wakes up from his nap coz he just knows it when the aircond is on! Imagine me waking up every 2-3 hours to feed with aircond and fan all switched off.

  • 3 months later, Yusuf CANNOT stand the heat. Until today his eczema would flare up so badly that we’ve lost count on how many bottles of cream we have had to apply on his cheeks. At night, he sleeps with aircond at 23 degrees, with no blanket at all. Whilst Aiman and I bury ourselves under the duvet and wait till morning arrives!