• Yusuf now likes to sleep facing downwards. Also, MUST.HAVE.JOSEPH when he sleeps. Is the bunny’s name Joseph? Yes. We named the bunny. It’s basically Yusuf in English haha!
  • I will eat the food that I prepare for Yusuf first. The logic I have is that, if I don’t like it then highly likely it’s not nice for Yusuf either (but knowing him, he’d probably still eat it hahaha!). So then I’d modify it and make sure it taste nice TO ME first before I offer it to him
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Yusuf Eats – Pesto Pasta

So here goes! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to document the food that I cook for Yusuf, so I shall start with…..home made Pesto Pasta recipe and step by step! Because Yusuf lovessss spinach and the best part was that it took me less than 10 minutes to cook this dish!

Honestly, I’ve never even done Pesto Pasta from scratch for myself. You lucky boy you, Yusuf! 😀

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Yusuf Eats – Baby Friendly Ingredients for Busy Moms

I’ve been experimenting with so many different types of food lately with Yusuf and it’s been such a joy to see him pick and choose what he likes (and what he doesn’t like too!). But before I start can I just say that “OMG!! I never knew there were so many baby-food options out there that tastes good and makes life so much easier for busy moms!!”

Was I so glad to come across some on my instagram. But ok. So how did it start?

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