ECZEMA SERIES #2 – Creams & Tips

It’s only after I had Yusuf and listened to our Paed and a few parenting talks that I realised you can actually start putting on moisturizer on your child since young! The earlier you practice this, the better. Honestly I never knew, coz I’ve always thought babies come out with perfect soft skin and allll.

I myself never used to like moisturising my skin, because I didn’t like the feeling of lotion on me so I thought that perhaps Yusuf would also feel rimas since he was only a baby, plus he hates it when we touch his face. Next baby I’m gonna start since the day it he/she was born hahaha! 😛

So, for Yusuf’s eczema which flares up pretty easily initially due to our hot weather here, Aiman and I were struggling to find the right cream. What’s important to note is our Paed had reminded us that “there is the right cream, but you just need to be patient and try until you find it”.

We had gone on a cream hunt under the Paed’s advice. It’s always important that you seek a professional’s help because they will be the best to know what is suitable in terms of ingredients in the product, for your baby.

  • First cream: Ceradan – worked for a while and then Yusuf’s skin got used to it, that it started flaring up again
  • Second cream: QV baby moisturising cream – same, worked for a while and then Yusuf’s skin got used to it
  • Third cream: Cetaphil – same
  • Fourth cream: Vaseline Intensive Care – WORKED!!

With all of these creams, we had to do it like how we started Yusuf with solids. So to ensure that one cream is better than the other, we did a 10 days rule. Started off with first cream. First cream eventually caused a flare, so we continued it on one cheek and tried the new cream on the other cheek. We will then stick to which has the better outcome and the process continues.

Were there parts that were really bad? Yes, there was! The back of his ears and the in between his arms where the arms fold above the elbow (haha you get ittt right?). So for a brief moment, in those areas we have had to apply a little bit of steroid, but please check with your Doctor first before applying anything at all.

What works for Yusuf now? Cold Vaseline. Vaseline that is stored in the fridge. Yup! Dr I had advised us to store it in the fridge so that when we applied it on Yusuf, it’s nice and cold. It’s really magical now, cold vaseline 😀

How long did you take until you found the right cream? About 4 months. We see Dr I monthly for a check up, so this is where we will get advice if the cream doesn’t show significant progress.

Does it still flare up now, eventhough you have found the right cream? Yes. Because sometimes when the weather is too hot, or he is actively running around and sweating, his rosy cheeks and arm (that part that folds above the elbow loll!) will come out to say hello. After a shower usually it goes away. Also…..sometimes I forget to apply the cream which you’re supposed to just diligently do it. Well I never used to like creams, hence la terlupaaaaaaa 😂

Anyway, I hope these tips help somehow! Best to always seek your Paed’s advice in any situation!

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