Yusuf Eats – Starting Solids and What We Needed

  • A chair with a safety harness
    • We got the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 booster feeding seat from Happikiddo. We used to place it on the ground and feed him, but we now hook it to one of our dining chairs so that he can also eat with us at the table.
  • Soft utensils
  • Small cup
    • Nope, he can’t from it independently yet. It’s just for us to fill it up with water. For every 2 spoons of puree, we gave him one spoon of water. We use the Beaba Silicone Meal Set which we got from Happikiddo.
  • Silicone bowl/Plate
    • Preferably with good suction so that as he grows bigger you can put his snacks in and place it on his tray. We use the Beaba Silicone Meal Set which we got from Happikiddo.
  • Storage boxes
    • This one is really what works for you. We used to use fancy ones, but they were unnecessarily expensive. So we now use the microwavable container which we got from Mr DIY. This is to store all your freezer stash, coz once you cook, you’ll be cooking for a few days and would need to freeze for future meals
  • Catcher or Bib
    • We love the Snapkis ones coz they’re so soft and so cute too!!

These things should be able to give you a good start to when your baby is ready to be introduced to solids!! Hope these were helpful 🙂

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