Usual Daily Routine

So, Yusuf is sleep trained and because of that he kinda lives off a schedule everyday because he wakes up sharp sharp within the same time range everyday. Babies loveeee schedule….apparently! And it’s a big bonus for my sanity too 😀

Hahahaha before you say anything, yessss, Yusuf’s schedule is done up in an excel sheet with different tabs (we’ll save this for another day!) to cater for weekly meals by day and activities #nerdMommy 😛 So, here’s what Yusuf’s typical day looks like.

Of course it doesn’t strictly follow this everyday, activity by activity, but on most days it’s actually accurate haha! This also allows me to know when I should start prepping meal time, or prepping the pool with water etc. Yusuf also tends to get sleepy at around the same time everyday.

In summary:
– Big meal x 3
– Snack x 2
– Milk 25 oz
– Bath time x 2
– Nap time x 2 (sometimes 3 shorter ones)
– Main activities x 3 (although it usually does not last the entire time, like stack the blocks, read the books)

All in all, with a schedule it keeps him occupied, which is good for us because Yusuf has grown up to be able to self entertain and not cry unnecessarily. Maybe also because things are predictable for him too 💗

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