First Milestones – Walking

I remembered during the first MCO back in March, Yusuf had turned himself over then, and when we had his check up at the Paed’s, his Doctor said that soon he’d be commando crawling to which I replied “Ohhh, like Captain Ri?” 😛

Dr I: “He’ll be commando crawling, and then crawling, sitting up and pulling himself up and usually babies will start walking between 12-18 months.”

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To start or not to start?

That is the question!

What to name this blog?

Motherhood? Nah. Alia’s motherhood journey? I already have a blog.

How about Yusuf’s page? Nah. Coz what if Yusuf has a sibling in the future?

Ok so it is about Yusuf. For now at least. Till he has siblings, InsyaAllah! Siblings would also be S-something-Jamalullail. And this shall be something they can come back to and read when they’re bigger!

Baby Jamalullails then!

Baby Jams Journal.


*clicks PUBLISH*