Yusuf’s First Car Seat and Infant Carrier 101 for Me!

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It’s been awhile since I wrote in here! Been so busy at work, but I think I need to make time to share about this, coz I believe very much in it and of course, coz I finally get to changeeeee Yusuf’s previous infant carrier to a new car seat – he has passed that weight threshold!

So, where do I begin? Firstly, how many of us truly use baby car seats? Yes it’s always a must-have item, gets into our list to get before baby arrives but it’s more than just having it – it’s about your baby’s safety. Just like how we adults get into the car and put on a seatbelt, the baby car seat acts like the seatbelt for babies. This is important to me and that is the biggest reason why we had gone to scout for one even before Yusuf arrived.

My story?

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