ECZEMA SERIES #2 – Creams & Tips

It’s only after I had Yusuf and listened to our Paed and a few parenting talks that I realised you can actually start putting on moisturizer on your child since young! The earlier you practice this, the better. Honestly I never knew, coz I’ve always thought babies come out with perfect soft skin and allll.

I myself never used to like moisturising my skin, because I didn’t like the feeling of lotion on me so I thought that perhaps Yusuf would also feel rimas since he was only a baby, plus he hates it when we touch his face. Next baby I’m gonna start since the day it he/she was born hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜›

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Top 5 Must Haves

…when you bring a baby home! At least for me and a note to my future self too ๐Ÿ™‚ The usual like diapers, swaddles, handkerchiefs etc are a given but here are some things that I thought was quire the life saver. Coz it saved us from the unnecessary stress!

1. Tops/Onesies with velcro or buttons at the front
Newborns’ heads are so soft that we were so scared we would hurt Yusuf everytime we had to change him. Having tops that slip through the hands made it so much easier because you could lay the clothes on the bed first and then lay him down on top of the baju, slip both his hands in (and legs if I put him into onesies at night) and walah! Done with very minimal fuss around him. Got ours on sale all the time from Mothercare!

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