Top 5 Must Haves

…when you bring a baby home! At least for me and a note to my future self too 🙂 The usual like diapers, swaddles, handkerchiefs etc are a given but here are some things that I thought was quire the life saver. Coz it saved us from the unnecessary stress!

1. Tops/Onesies with velcro or buttons at the front
Newborns’ heads are so soft that we were so scared we would hurt Yusuf everytime we had to change him. Having tops that slip through the hands made it so much easier because you could lay the clothes on the bed first and then lay him down on top of the baju, slip both his hands in (and legs if I put him into onesies at night) and walah! Done with very minimal fuss around him. Got ours on sale all the time from Mothercare!

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Yusuf’s Birth Story

Painless, filled with a lot of happy energy kinda experience! ❤️

That’s exactly how I remembered it. Prior to Yusuf’s arrival I had gone through a few months of bleeding and eventually as we got closer to the EDD, my water had reduced and then infection came. Yup, one after another. So much so that a new scare was like “just another scare” for us. Everytime something happened we went straight on auto pilot – rush to the Doctor’s!

Because of all of these, we had a scheduled c-sect. Counting down days till I got to 36 weeks (at that time we were praying that we can even get to 36), and the day I successfully got to 36 weeks (Alhamdulillah!!) we booked an available date right away!

23rd December 2019

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To start or not to start?

That is the question!

What to name this blog?

Motherhood? Nah. Alia’s motherhood journey? I already have a blog.

How about Yusuf’s page? Nah. Coz what if Yusuf has a sibling in the future?

Ok so it is about Yusuf. For now at least. Till he has siblings, InsyaAllah! Siblings would also be S-something-Jamalullail. And this shall be something they can come back to and read when they’re bigger!

Baby Jamalullails then!

Baby Jams Journal.


*clicks PUBLISH*