That Magical Nasal Spray and Aspirator

I never knew of the existence of this product until Yusuf arrived! So it actually has an adult version too!

Earlier on when Yusuf was about a month old, he was in this weird phase where he did not like aircond (can’t survive the heat for too long now or his eczema would flair up). The slightest cold air he feels would make him cry. Which left US crying at night (haha!) coz Aiman and I were so used to having aircond on at night or we’d cool the room before switching it off entirely for the night.

Once, we decided to just leave the aircond on with hopes that “he’ll get used to it”. Nope, he didn’t. Few days later he had stuffy nose and we felt so bad coz he must have been uncomfortable trying to breathe through that little airway with mucus getting in the way. Went to see Dr Iqbal and he introduced us to Sterimar! The (magical) nasal spray which you spray into a baby’s nose, followed by a suck that you’d need to do to eject the nasal mucus using the NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator.

NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator + FREE 20 pieces of additional Hygiene Filters (Bundle Set)

Yusuf hated it! Boy was it a struggle to do it every single time. What did we do afterwards?

  • Started saying “nose pleaseeee” everytime before we start every session
  • Put it first at our nose and play-pretend, like as if we had sprayed it into our own noses
  • Sings to him and distract whilst the other adult sprays his nose, just to make it seem like the sessions are actually fun

Amazingly though, eventually Sterimar sessions were a breezeeeeee! It was the best thing everrr! Coz everytime I see some snorts in his nose, I’d just need to bring the sterimar over and say “noseee pleaseee” to him and he’d willingly let me spray that Sterimar up into his nose! After which, he usually would sneeze out the snort and the whole thing would have taken only 3 minutes. Most times he would even give us a smile, almost like as if he’s saying thank you for clearing his nose. Speak to your paeds if you need help with it! 😁

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