It’s been a month since we introduced Yusuf to “Zero Screen Time”. On Day 25, we decided to test him with some screen time.

Scenario 1
We switched on Cocomelon, and he looked at it, probably a bit puzzled what was this on screen as he usually only “hears” it through google home that plays in the house. Within 5 minutes it’s like his long-lost-friend this JJ and friends on screen. He went straight for the screen, started dancing and doesn’t hear me anymore! I was literally like talking to the wall.

Scenario 2
We switched from Cocomelon to Dream Home Makeover (Hahaha! Mommy’s new favourite on Netflix at the moment). He immediately turned away from the screen. I called him and he came. I told him “Nak. Ball”. He went to get the ball and came to pass it to me.

Switched back to Cocomelon and he went back to the screen.

Switched back to Dream Home, and he went off to play with his toys.

Conclusion: It’s Cocomelon guys. I also think it’s because he hears it everyday on google home, he can relate to the songs that JJ and friends sing on screen and find it amusing that now something is interacting to the songs that he hears everyday.

Day 26 – Day 30. We switched between Cocomelon and what we wanted to watch on screen for a limited time everyday. Amazingly, he is now less hooked to the screen even if it’s Cocomelon. So he probably now feels that it’s just something playing on screen and he can be on his way to do his own thing whilst TV is playing. That’s brilliant! He’s no longer hooked to it!

What have we benefited from Zero Screen Time in the past one month
– He has learned to self entertain and play by himself. Woot!! This is a big bonus for us coz we can leave him to play whilst we cook, or go into work calls etc
– A lot more interactive when we take out the toys and would immediately imitate our actions. Sometimes he would pick up a toy and bring it over to us to play
Attention span is a lot longer and would curiosity level had definitely sparked
Comes when he is called!
– Learned new words at a much faster rate and babbles a lot lottttt more for sure. On some days we can even have a good 3 minutes “conversation”. I’m sure somewhere in those sentences he’s saying thank you for cooking for him lolll!
– Can say ki-rrottt (carrot), Abah, Cat, Nak
Understands simple instructions like “stack. blocks.”, “nak. ball.”, “NO”, dance. dance.”, “sit. down.”, “wear. shoe.” “where is yusuf?” and he’ll run away to hide etc
– Best of all, he is NOT HOOKED to it anymore! Probably has learned that the TV isn’t going anywhere so it’s ok if he doesn’t watch for now whilst it’s on, plus we get to switch on our favourite show and he’ll just self entertain or comes to play with us

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