So every week I will pick a day to top up Yusuf’s freezer stash – and most of the time this porridge is one of the dishes in the top up list. It’s so easy to make, fail-proof and so yummy too, here are the steps! But before thattttt, here’s a….


Chicken feet broth
. Have a lot of this coz this is what makes Yusuf’s porridge very tasty and not bland. So I would usually bring out the big pot, fill it with room temperature water, add in the chicken feet and a few stalks of celery, olive oil and let it boil. You can also add mixed herbs and/or rosemary to make it a lot more fragrant! Now let’s make the salmon butter porridge!

– Rice (I usually alternate between jasmine and basmathi rice)
– Salmon*
– Unsalted butter
– Loads of Celery, sliced thinly! This is always a must for me in all of Yusuf’s food, coz it’s the alternative to salt. Well, at least for me
– Mixed vegetables, chopped to bite sizes
– A teaspoon of garlic
– Chicken feet broth
– A sprinkle of black pepper

– Step 1: Make you chicken feet broth
– Step 2: In a pan, airfry the salmon together with a blob of unsalted butter at about 180 degrees for about 10 minutes
– Step 3: Put in rice + airfried butter slamon + celery + mixed vegetables + chicken feet broth + garlic altogether into the porridge maker**
– Step 4: Sprinkle black pepper
– Step 5: Press start and it’ll all be done in about an hour!

SUPER DUPER EASY isn’t it! Trust me, it’s also soooo yummy that Aiman and I eat it too sometimes. Not only is it yummy, it’s also so healthy, all without any salt! 😊 Also, if you’d like to watch the step by step video, it’s here under highlights titled Yusuf Eats Pt 4! Happy tryinggggg!

*Salmon can be substituted with any other meat really and you can be creative when you airfry it! I’ve done this porridge with dory, cod, chicken, beef. However it’s only for seafood that I usually airfry it first to avoid any fishy taste that may stick if I cook it straight in the porridge maker.

** Porridge maker. So many of you have asked me which one do I use. I use the Khind BP12 porridge maker and I LOVE IT!! Here’s why.
– Has a preset stage ie Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4. Depending on your baby’s age and how soft you want the texture of the porridge to be, all you need to do it just choose the stage, choose what type of porridge and it’ll start. No need to think!
– Has the rice and water indicator. So I just need to follow the level (Low or High) in the rice cup holder and follow the same level indicator in the porridge bowl for the water/chicken broth. No need to think also! Hahaha!
– No hard and fast rule, if you feel that after an hour it’s done and you like the texture (possibly more rough) then you can just stop it and it’s ready! Mine is usually ready in about an hour

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