Today I shall blog about those baked bananas I made for teatime that Yusuf loved so much!

– Ripe bananas
– Cinnamon powder
– Unsalted peanut butter
– Olive oil spray

– Step 1: Slice bananas into half and place on baking pan skin down
– Step 2: Spray olive oil on the bananas
– Step 3: Sieve cinnamon powder onto bananas
– Step 4: Pop it into the airfryer at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes (but check too to make sure it doesn’t burn)
– Step 5: Once baked, take it out and drizzle melted peanut butter

YUMS!!! Even Aiman and I loved it 😍 Click below to watch the full step by step and how much Yusuf enjoyed itttt! Maybe I should start having a youtube channel for Yusuf’s mealtimes and recipes 😂

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