• Yusuf now likes to sleep facing downwards. Also, MUST.HAVE.JOSEPH when he sleeps. Is the bunny’s name Joseph? Yes. We named the bunny. It’s basically Yusuf in English haha!
  • I will eat the food that I prepare for Yusuf first. The logic I have is that, if I don’t like it then highly likely it’s not nice for Yusuf either (but knowing him, he’d probably still eat it hahaha!). So then I’d modify it and make sure it taste nice TO ME first before I offer it to him
  • For any meal that I feel requires salt, I would swap salt with celery for Yusuf. Celery apparently gives off a salty taste
  • I seldom measure the amount of ingredient that goes into the meal. I practice the usual “agak agak” and modify if need be 😀
  • I like to google or read baby/mommy books for recipe inspirations and then I apply the agak agak and modify method to make it personalised to what I think Yusuf may like
  • Yusuf is a not-very-fussy eater. Hence he makes my cooking look good hahaha!! Coz I’m very sure there are stuff that I cook that isn’t super great, but he eats it anyway, bless him! 😀

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