First Milestones – Walking

I remembered during the first MCO back in March, Yusuf had turned himself over then, and when we had his check up at the Paed’s, his Doctor said that soon he’d be commando crawling to which I replied “Ohhh, like Captain Ri?” 😛

Dr I: “He’ll be commando crawling, and then crawling, sitting up and pulling himself up and usually babies will start walking between 12-18 months.”

At 9 months on the 13th October 2020:
Went to pick Yusuf up from school and teachers said “He has started walkingggg already!”. Ahhh the excitementttt! Tak kasi Mommy chance langsung haha! Gotta start running after him already, but I was so amazedddd, Alhamdulilah this little human being is already walking and it was just like yesterday that I gave birth to you.

Checked with our Paed and yesss although usually babies start walking at 12-18 months, it’s not unusual for babies to also start walking at 9 months. So don’t worry if your baby starts walking early or have not started walking yet, it’s all normal and there is no right or wrong.

Everyday I feel grateful to be able to see his new progress, like it’s so MasyaAllah amazing that this one little person can do so much at his age and size!! The day he started walking in school was also the day that CMCO was announced. Well, I guess I’ll be losing weight just chasing after him thennnnn. And that also explains why he started walking at 9 months, but we only bought him shoes when he turned 11 months. There was not really a need to go out much 🤣 #stayhomestaysafe

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