Eczema Series #1 – Diapers

We found out at his 5th month check up that Yusuf had eczema. It is most apparent on his face. Truth be told, we thought it was because we were always kissing him on his cheeks lol! 😀

During the checkup, Doctor had one look at it and said “He has mild Eczema”. It was mild eczema that quickly developed into a pretty bad one. Yusuf has very sensitive skin, which means that if he was exposed to something that wasn’t adaptable then it would flare up very quickly. And it’s like a cycle – eczema comes to say hello (very frequently), he gets annoyed, starts rubbing/scratching it, flares up even more and the cycle continues.

I must admit, sensitive skin is a struggle to deal with when a serious rash comes and when even with medication it doesn’t subside fast enough. One day, we had run out of his usual diapers and had used a different one that we had. Let’s just say, he looked like a lobster for a week! Poor boy! First time that it had reacted that way. Was so worried (although he was still being his cheerful self) that I was continuously asking Dr I and sending him pictures to ask at what point should I be worried. We even had to bring him into the clinic to get it checked as it had spread from the diaper area to both his legs and all the way up to his face.

We use Offspring in our household and they’ve worked very very very well for Yusuf! Honestly though, the initial reason we had bought it was because we had come across it at TCE Baby Expo when I was pregnant with Yusuf, and they had a major deal – so we ended up purchasing the diapers and wet wipes in bulk! Also because it was in mine and Aiman’s favourite colour (ie Green) and their fashion diapers have the cutesttttttt design (like come on, that Avocado on the diaper is the cutest thing!!). Hahaha PRIORITIES 😀

Eventually we started loving this brand more and more because:
– It has the ultra thin option, so it wasn’t bulky which we had used for when Yusuf was a newborn
– The material for the diaper and wet wipes (the two items we use most) are so soft and high absorbent – Diaper doesn’t leak at night for Yusuf so it doesn’t disrupt his sleep
NO RASHES!! Eventhough he has eczema and sensitive skin, so this totally puts my mind at ease
– Delivery is super fast and packages always arrive so very nicely
– Their products makes me feel safe – this is important to me so that I never need to think if Yusuf is alright or not

Started from the diapers to the wet wipes. Today our household is never without the bum spray, dish wash, detergent, stain remover, multi surface spray, sanitizers, top to toe, lotion toooooo, you name it! Don’t get me started on the bum spray….it’s so easy that I even use it daily now. We used to have it with us for when we travelled, now we just have it for daily uses too!!

You know what they say, A Happy Baby = A Happy Mommy 😀

Will share about the creams that had also worked for his face, soon!

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