HAENIM UV Steriliser. Is it worth having?

This is not a sponsored post

Initially prior to Yusuf’s arrival I kept asking to myself “Why would I need a UV steriliser?”, “Can’t be that bad washing the bottles and pump parts right?”, “How troublesome can it be anyway?”, “There are two of us, we can take turns washing and drying”.

Boy was I wrong!

So that one day when my brother and sister in law asked what do I want as baby gift, I instantly said the UV steriliser. The one thing that had helped me big time since the day Yusuf was born was this. This white gorgeous beauty! I’m so glad I decided on it! The frequency of washing and drying and making sure things are germ-and-bacteria-free was insane! So this is how a typical day would be:
– Feed Yusuf on one side using 1 nipple shield every 2-3 hours a day = 12 times x 1 = 12 things
– Pump on the other every 3-4 hours a day = 8 times x (1 bottle + 1 cap + 4 pump parts) = 48 things
– Eventually night feeds were switched to bottle feed so that I could get some extra rest = 3 times x (1 bottle + 3 cap parts) = 12 things
– Pacifiers

So minimum number of things to wash and dry and sterilise was between 60 – 70 things a day. And this is just feeding tools. Add that with minimal sleep, a baby that was clinging on to me 24/7…..I’d go crazy if I did not get help from this awesome gadget.

Here are some reasons why I LOVE it!!

  1. You can sterilise basically EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING under the sun! Till today I sterilise everything/toys that we buy for Yusuf before we let him play, his cutleries, plates, my phone (coz Yusuf sometimes like to play around with my phone), books, all baby utensils, sometimes I even put his damp clothes to dry in there lolll! Basically everythinggg la
  2. Easy to use – it is so easy you don’t even need to read the manual if you don’t want to and can start using it right away! Literally just 4 functions to choose from: Auto (30 minutes of Drying + UV Sterilise), Dry, UV, Storage
  3. Multifunction – it can dry, sterilise, and even store. The storage space is pretty generous, you can fit up to 16 bottles babyyy so I don’t need to worry about where to arrange his bottles and them being exposed out in the open. Just open, pick a bottle, and make the milk. Easy!
  4. Aesthetically pretty! Haha, gotta make sure it fits the house decor too, and since it’s white and clean, it’s so easy to fit in
  5. I feel safe. Somehow this feeling just validates everything – after washing I’ll immediately chuck it in and go off to do other things. And I know that after 30 minutes (I usually just tap on the AUTO function) it’s dry, sterilised, clean and ready to be used germ and bacteria free

So if you ever come to a cross road whether or not to get a UV steriliser, I’d say go for it! Makes life so much easier which also means that you get to have that extra time for other things, I even sterilised a girraffe in it 😀

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