Top 5 Must Haves

…when you bring a baby home! At least for me and a note to my future self too ๐Ÿ™‚ The usual like diapers, swaddles, handkerchiefs etc are a given but here are some things that I thought was quire the life saver. Coz it saved us from the unnecessary stress!

1. Tops/Onesies with velcro or buttons at the front
Newborns’ heads are so soft that we were so scared we would hurt Yusuf everytime we had to change him. Having tops that slip through the hands made it so much easier because you could lay the clothes on the bed first and then lay him down on top of the baju, slip both his hands in (and legs if I put him into onesies at night) and walah! Done with very minimal fuss around him. Got ours on sale all the time from Mothercare!

2. Front-button pyjamas for mommies
Mmhmm. This was definitely one of the best
buys ever! Coz it means that Yusuf could get to the boobs immediately. And boy was he hungry allll the time. So it’s no fuss for me and Yusuf, coz I literally just need a second to unbutton and let him latch. I got them on sale too from Uniqlo! Trust me, you will be living in this for a few months alright!

3. Breastfeeding cover
I did my confinement at my parents’ place and I’m the kind that alwayssss wants guests at home or I’ll be hanging out watching TV in the TV room or hanging out at my parents’ room. To keep my sanity in check, I actually had my close friends coming everyyyyy day if not every other day. Hahaha! It makes confinement a lot more fun, really! So breastfeeding cover comes in very handy when guests are around coz when Yusuf wants to drink, he wants it now now and having a breastfeeding cover means you can continue hanging out whilst feeding the milk monster. Currently, I have the one from Nei Melbourne, and it’s the besttttttt! So soft, with a little pocket and mini towel at the corner. Sometimes it transforms to become a blanket too ๐Ÿ˜›

4. Cotton balls!!
You’re gonna need A LOTTTTT of these alright! To clean his face during shower time (we cleaned his face first before taking him into the tub for his warm bath), to clean the poo and pee, after every diaper change. Which happens every few hours! ๐Ÿ˜› We only started using baby wet wipes when Yusuf turned 2 months old. No right or wrong here, we just followed through since the hospital had taught us that way.

5. Essential oil – especially that tummy roll!
Honestly this was one of the best items we had gotten before Yusuf came – essential oils. Especially that tummy time roll, which we rolled onto Yusuf’s tummy every single time after a diaper change ie 8-10 times a day! When they’re at that newborn age, somehow I feel that they do get tummy aches at times – not sure whether it’s from gulping air through breast/bottle feed or sometimes from sucking the pacifier (I really have no idea!). My personal favourite is this Mummy’s Rescue Kit from Audelia Naturals! We apply this on Yusuf until today ๐Ÿ™‚

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