Yusuf’s Birth Story

Painless, filled with a lot of happy energy kinda experience! ❤️

That’s exactly how I remembered it. Prior to Yusuf’s arrival I had gone through a few months of bleeding and eventually as we got closer to the EDD, my water had reduced and then infection came. Yup, one after another. So much so that a new scare was like “just another scare” for us. Everytime something happened we went straight on auto pilot – rush to the Doctor’s!

Because of all of these, we had a scheduled c-sect. Counting down days till I got to 36 weeks (at that time we were praying that we can even get to 36), and the day I successfully got to 36 weeks (Alhamdulillah!!) we booked an available date right away!

23rd December 2019

It was quite the funny story, I remember waking up thinking “this is the day! In a few hours I will have a little human being in my arms!”. Scared, nervous, wanna-vomit-and-poop-kinda-butterflies-in-my-stomach, excited, everythingggggg! I was really feeling the need to puke every 10 minutes coz I was so nervous. Had milo at 7am and off we went to the hospital at 7.30am.

9am I got settled in my room and the nurse was getting my IV drip in and pushing in my last antibiotic (for the infection).

10am. Very very quickly my gynae called and asked “How are you feeling?”. “Ermm, ok?”. “Ok, we’re gonna do it earlier ok, so the nurse will prep you”. Ok, gonna puke for real now.

11am. Wheeled down to the waiting room just outside the OT. Sat on the bed and got my epidural needle in. 11.30am. Wheeled into the OT and boy was I SO DAMN NERVOUS BY THEN. I kept asking the nurses for all my Doctors.

11.35am. Epidural: Doctor H pushed in the epidural, and I was slowly feeling numb. BUT I could move my toes. So of course the scaredy cat me went “Ermmm, I can feel my toes. Can I have more?”. “Are you sure? Your stomach area should already be numb”. “No, no I can feel”. Both Dr H and Aiman looked at me and said “You’re lying”. How dare they, there I was lying on the operating bed and they said I was lying? Apparently, there was a pincer like tool that was pinching my stomach really really hard at that time when I said I needed more epidural, lollll 😛

11.38am. Yusuf’s paed Dr I arrived: “Ok! Are we readyy for the babyyy?” Dr H: “Yeah, epidural in.” Dr G: “What are you guys doing for Christmas holidays?”

I almost forgot that I’m there ready to be cut open by these very cheerful Doctors who were talking about christmas holidays.

Long story short: Procedure started at 11.45am, I was nervous but I was calm coz I had my Disney songs playing in my headphones and we also switched on additional happy songs in the OT itself!! Yusuf was out by 12.06pm and I was back in my room at 12.30pm! All in all it took only 90 minutes from the time I was wheeled out of the room to the time I was back in my room.

What did it feel like? A lot of tugging! I felt like a pillow was being pulled out of me, but no excruciating pain. When Yusuf was out, I finally cried. This was the human being that I’ve been waiting for for the past 5 years, and conveniently when Dr G passed Yusuf to me, he PUKED. Thank you very much!

I remembered saying “Eewwwww, take him awayyy, I have vomit on me” lolll! I still love you Yusuf!! Nurses cleaned me up whilst Dr G closed my cut, and ahhh that feeling when they passed Yusuf back to me. I would go through the scares a million times over for you baby ❤️


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